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Building Loudoun Burn House of Prayer

Loudoun Burn House of Prayer will, first of all, be a resting place for the Lord’s presence in downtown Leesburg, where people can worship Him, seek His face, and enthrone Him on our praises simply because He is worthy of all praise, glory and honor. It will also be a place of refuge, encounter, salvation, healing and transformation both for the individual and the community.

Building on 10 years of hosting 12-24 hours of non-stop prayer each month across the body of Christ in Loudoun, we will create a permanent space in downtown Leesburg, a lampstand, where people, who might never go into a church building, can be drawn in off the street and encounter the loving, saving, and transforming presence of God. Loudoun Burn House of Prayer will also be a place where believers from all denominations and ethnicities can come and spend time either alone or corporately with God in worship and prayer, cultivate the fires of first love with Jesus, build unity and community centered around the presence of God leading to revival and transformation, and then go out and be the fragrance of heaven to the lost.

How we will accomplish this:

  • Build 24-7 Worship and Prayer that will be hosted by believers from around the community for the glory of God, the empowering of the saints, and shifting our community and nation for the Kingdom of God.

  • Create a space where people can encounter His loving and transforming presence and receive prayer for healing and salvation.

  • Set captives free through deliverance, inner healing, and physical healing – partnering with various trusted ministries and ministers who have the desire to do this

  • Train and Equip people on such topics as intercession, hearing God’s voice, worship, prophetic worship, evangelism, etc.

  • Send people to minister on the streets of downtown Leesburg and beyond.

  • Gather local businessmen and businesswomen to pray and seek God’s direction and wisdom on how to bring godly principles in the marketplace as well as praying for local businesses downtown.

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